Chandler Pond Master Plan and Demonstration Project | Boston, Massachusetts

The Pouder Design Group was commissioned to prepare a long-term Master Plan and a related Demonstration Project for the restoration of Chandler Pond, part of the city’s Urban Wilds Initiative. The Master Plan developed low cost, ‘soft engineering’ controls to restore a naturalized riparian wetland in an urban setting while enhancing wildlife habitat and improving recreational opportunities. Strategies for the reduction of nutrient loading, shoreline stabilization, habitat creation, and control of invasive vegetation and geese were provided.

The Demonstration Project, implemented in the Spring 2000, included a wetland restoration along 800 ft. of shoreline. The Project used biodegradable coconut fiber ‘logs’, goose exclusion fencing and native vegetation to enhance wildlife habitat, reduce erosion and stabilize the lakeshore. The multi-disciplinary team consisted of ecologists, engineers, Parks Department representatives, and included extensive outreach to local community groups. A case study of the project was published in the Handbook of Water Sensitive Design, Robert France, editor.