Alewife Brook | Boston, Massachusetts

Flowing through five municipalities in the heart of the great Boston metropolis. Alewife Brook, once a vibrant spawning area for anadromous fish, had become a severely degraded urban stream as a result of dam construction, encroaching development and degraded water quality. No longer capable of supporting a diverse range of fish and wildlife, including the Alewife for which it is named, the stream and its riparian corridor were an eyesore and a liability to the community.

Working with the Metropolitan District Commission, Pouder and an interdisciplinary team of planners, designers and engineers created a vision for the restoration of this 3-mile system. The Restoration Plan sets for a vision to restore a vibrant, healthy and accessible urban amenity with specific recommendation for water quality improvement, enhanced public access, habitat restoration and flood control, with an ultimate goal of returning Alewife to their namesake river.